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All About Italian Beers

So, Italy is known for its wine, not its beer. Does that mean you shouldn't buy Italian beer? Heck no! Italian beer is a lot of fun, especially if you're a fan of pale lagers. You can probably find a good portion of Italians who think that an ice cold lager goes better with a slice of pizza than a glass of wine does, and honestly, they're so right about that. (Who wants wine with pizza, anyway? It's such a beer food!)

A lot of Italian beer is craft beer because the country doesn't have the mega-breweries like, say, Mexico does. In fact, the whole craft beer thing is a big trend in Italy these days, so craft beer lovers from the U.S. would do well to sample a few Italian varieties. Plus, Italian brewers aren't bogged down with centuries of beer history, being a traditional wine country. So they aren't afraid to get creative with how they do things. It might result in some beers you're not sure about at first, but you'll never be bored!

Pale Lagers

Expect a fair amount of fizz and a good head on an Italian pale lager, though that head dissipates pretty quickly. Pale lagers from Italy are very similar to the lagers you'll find throughout the rest of Europe. They're a bit malty, sometimes a bit sweet, and very drinkable. Some of them have a bit of bitterness to them, but overall these are beers that new beer drinkers will enjoy, as well as beer drinkers who would rather be drinking wine.

Pale Ales

Italy is getting on the pale ale and IPA bandwagon. Move over India Pale Ale, there's a new IPA in town: Italian Pale Ale. Though this name only goes with a few Italian beers right now, it's fun to say and fun to drink. Italian Pale Ale brewers tend to go with herbs and greens as flavor notes. You'll still get that Pale Ale bitterness kicking you in the teeth, but you'll love the surprising other flavors, too.

Fruity Beers

One fun aspect of shopping for Italian beers is the fruit component. Maybe it's because they're used to making wine, but the Italians love to infuse fruit into their beers. You'll find flavors like orange peel, grape and plum. They also stick the beer in red wine oak barrels to mature it. Basically, it's beer done by wine people, and it's kind of delightful!

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