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All About Beer

It's good to have beers around. In the fridge. At the office. In the cooler. Not so much in the car. But almost everywhere else. It's like a comfort blanket for adults. And there are so many different beer types, you'll never get bored. Fancy beers, cheap beers, flavorful beers, light beers—they've all got their time and place. That place mostly being in our hearts.

Top Trending Styles of Beer:
Pale Ale

Beer Myths 101:
  • Cold to warm and back again will skunk beer: Nope. Temperature won't corrupt your beer, but light will. If you're running out of room in the fridge, feel free to remove some beers without worrying. Just don't store them in your trunk during the summer.
  • Bottles > Cans: Again, nope. We just talked about this. Light is bad for your beer and cans are better at keeping it out. They're also better at keeping oxygen out, which is also no friend of beer.
  • Stouts are heavy and boozy: Appearances can be deceiving. Stouts might look like a lot to handle, but they're surprisingly light. Guinness actually has less calories and alcohol than Budweiser.
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