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Wychwood King Goblin*Packaging may vary

Wychwood King Goblin

English Strong Ale /6.6% ABV / England, United Kingdom

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Product details

English Strong Ale
Suggested Glassware
Pint Glass, Stein/Pub Mug, Snifter/Goblet/Chalice
Suggested Serving Temperature
50-55° F

Product description

As the full moon casts its eerie light over the shadowy old Eagle Brewery, a magical brew gurgles forth from the casks. A beer enlivened by the energies of the universe, when the elements are converging into a harmonious alignment. Truly a brew fit for a celestial majesty. King Goblin is hand crafted from roasted chocolate and crystal malts, with a timely infusion of fuggles, sovereign, styrian and cascade hops to produce an indulgently rich, full, smooth beer of exceptional quality and character. A full, rich, sublimely fruity & satisfying indulgent beer; a beer for the connoisseur of the finer things.

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English strong ale is a seasonal, malty style often paired with cozy sweaters, fireplaces and other cold-weather accessories; while not exclusively sold during winter months, you will have the best chance of finding these brews during the holidays. Like most Christmas-time pints, English strong ales are creamy and flavorful and deliver a respectable ABV to help augment the caroling confidence of even the most off-key family members. Regarding their alcohol content, English strong ales tend to fall somewhere on the beer spectrum between English pale ales and barley wines; they’re not as hopped and bitter as the pale ale and not as sweet as the barley wine.
For the most part, the predominant flavor in an English strong ale is malt, lending to a sweet, often molasses-like taste; because these brews are typically bottle-conditioned and aged, you’ll experience a number of flavor notes similar to barley wines, like dried fruit and chocolate. Like many cellared beers, you may find some remaining sediments, leading to a cloudy appearance and thicker mouthfeel, though the overall texture is still smooth. For English strong ales, opt for a snifter as your preferred vessel to best appreciate the aroma and decadence; this cold-weather treat pairs well with equally indulgent courses like grilled lamb and game meats.
While an English strong ale’s alcohol content is notable (most often between 5.5% and 8% ABV), it’s not as hefty as the name suggests; these brews contain more alcohol than classic English pale ales, bitters, brown ales and porters, but aren’t quite as potent as some of the modern IPAs and other popular styles in today’s crowded beer industry. Still, at 8% ABV, it’s best appreciated in a snifter glass and sipped slowly. The alcohol content is not present in the style’s signature flavors, which instead feature a menu of appealing tasting notes: roasted nuts, dried fruit, caramel and chocolate.
Most beers in the European ale category contain a heavy proportion of roasted malts — especially British Crystal malt varieties — which are essential to their sweeter palate and thicker body; these qualities allow for some tasty food pairings, especially with roasted meats. English strong ales are typically released seasonally during the winter months, so consider partnering these brews with similar, indulgent holiday favorites like roast beef, lamb or a nice blue cheese. Because of the beer’s sweeter profile, you could just as easily pair a snifter of English strong ale with classic pub desserts like sticky toffee pudding or a fruit tart.
An English strong ale’s essential qualities, from the fruity aromas, mild-carbonation, malt flavor and higher ABV demand an equally distinguished vessel — the snifter. This is an older style of drinking vessel, dating back to the early Romans; the name is attributed to an old Scottish verb, “to snift,” which unsurprisingly means, “to sniff.” The snifter, accordingly, helps emphasize the aromatic qualities in a spirit, especially stronger drinks with bold, aged characteristics; the English strong ale’s sweet, almost wine-like profile matches well with the snifter’s wide base and short stem (for prime swirling momentum) and narrow rim (providing maximum sipping ability).
The nutritional content in a British strong ale varies depending on the brew’s ABV, which can range from a milder 5.5% up to a hefty 8% alcohol content; a standard bottle of English strong ale will likely cost you between 200 and 250 calories and roughly 12 grams of carbohydrates. These higher numbers shouldn’t be at all surprising considering the creamy, indulgent texture and dessert-like flavors for which the seasonal style is known. Besides, English strong ales are best enjoyed during the holiday months when you’re bundled in chunky layers and counting calories is a waste of time.
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