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All about weizenbock

What is weizenbock?

Weizenbock is the wheat version of a regular German-style bock. It's similar to a dunkelweizen, only bigger and beefier. Weizen (meaning spicy) yeast is its star ingredient, and the beer features flavors of malt, bread and fruits such as raisins, plums and grapes. This style offers high carbonation and low bitterness. Clove flavors and fruity esters produce its delicious aroma. This wheat ale beer hails from Bavaria and comes in colors ranging from pale golden to darker shades of brown. People often serve it in tulip glasses and pair it with chicken and dumplings, manchego cheese and banana bread. The beer includes hints of nutmeg, caramel, vanilla, prunes, plums, raisins and cocoa.

Weizenbock history

Weizenbock hails from Einbeck, Germany, where it was first brewed in the 1300s. This winter drink was low in alcohol then, but brewers included wheat in it and fermented it at a cool temperature. In the 1600s, bock brewing shifted to Munich, and the brewers changed the recipe and methodology to find their brewing style. Many of them ditched wheat and changed the yeast. That method didn't succeed, and wheat was again added to it. This created a resurgence in wheat beers, and weizenbock was born. It's been popular ever since.

Weizenbock brewing method

This German beer is high in potency with 7% to 9.5% ABV. Brewers use a special yeast that is heavy in spicy notes like cloves. According to German law, grist should be 50% wheat, and most German breweries aim for 60% to 70%. Many brewers use specialty malts so the beer can gain intense colors, reducing its heaviness in the mouth. Weizenbock beer combines the features of doppelbocks and hefeweizens that are rich in flavors and have high yeast and malt qualities. This beer has the crispiness of wheat in its finish. Non-alcoholic beer varieties are also available.

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