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All About Hefeweizen

When the weather heats up, what you really need is a hefeweizen. Preferably accompanied by shade. But beer is the important part. Hefeweizens are hazy, unfiltered and highly carbonated. The fizzy beer features zesty flavors like banana, green apple and bubble gum. Just looking at one on a summer day is proven to lower your body temperature. Originating in Germany, the U.S. has adopted the beer and there are many domestic hefeweizen brands worth your while. And pay no mind to the sediment at the bottom of your beer. It adds character.

Hefeweizen is one of the world's most recognizable beer styles thanks to its distinctive yeast, wheat malt and appearance. Think of it as the wheat beer that broke the German beer mold. It's an eye-catching, cloudy beer that attracts beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike thanks to its refreshing taste and highly carbonated style.

"Hefeweizen" comes from the German words “hefe," meaning “yeast," and “weizen," which means “wheat." The term “hefe" generally indicates an unfiltered beer, so you can expect sediment at the bottle of the bottle.

Hefeweizen is a top-fermenting beer originating from Bavaria (southern Germany) around the 1520s. This is a beer that's been around a long time, folks, so it's proven its popularity a thousand times over. Classic hefeweizen is brewed with no less than 50 percent wheat in the mash, and it undergoes a second fermentation inside the bottle. Yeast strains used in traditional hefeweizen lend it clove, banana, spicy or bubblegum flavors. Since hefeweizen is considered a light malt beer, it has a hazy, light-colored appearance with extra bitterness accompanying the flavors.

Although hefeweizen originated in Germany, it's a popular brew among American craft and microbrewers, giving you plenty of variety to choose from. Most American labels market their hefeweizens as summer beers due to their drinkability, crispness and relatively low alcohol content. It's the perfect beer to sip out on the lawn while you're working on your tan or waiting for the burgers to grill.

Since hefeweizen is a summertime favorite, you can enjoy it with watermelon, pasta salad, goat cheese appetizers, skewered shrimp or cedar-smoked salmon. Anything that complements the beer's slightly sweet, fruity flavor profile is a must-try.