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All about wheat ale

What is wheat ale?

Wheat ale is a type of beer that originated in Germany as Hefeweizen. In German, "hefe" means yeast, and "weizen" refers to wheat used during the brewing process that gives it an amber color. The wheat variety is typically crisper and fruitier than others due to the type of yeast used and the addition of herbs and fruits. Wheat makes this brew a little cloudy when roused. Ale makes use of the top yeast, while beer uses the yeast that ferments at the base, making this how brewers differentiate between the two. The American take is usually lighter in color and uses more hops than its German relative, making it an approachable craft beer, including those looking for a non-alcoholic beer. Seasonal varieties of Wild Ale have several flavor choices to give something for every palate.

A distinctive brewing process

This ale uses a warm fermentation method that uses wheat in place of barley for a sweet, full-bodied, fruity taste. Fermenting at mid-range room temperature lets the product mature faster than the process traditionally carried out in the much colder caves in Germany. The use of hops helps preserve the ale and adds a bitterness to balance with the sweetness and gives wheat beer its rich taste. The American variety uses more hops and fruits for flavor, aroma and sweet taste.

Glasses and foods to accentuate flavor and aroma

The right drinking mugs or glasses boost aromas of these and other seasonal beers, especially when served with cuisines that emphasize their distinct essence. When served in a tall "vase" with a bulbous mouth, it's easy to savor the scents of the German varieties of this aromatic beverage. Serve this with fruit or shellfish. If the urge strikes, use it to steam or poach the food. Enhance the floral and fruity aromas of the American take on this ale using a bell-shaped or flute-style glass garnished with a lemon or other citrus wedge. Pair it with light fish, cheese or a salad for a tasty treat.

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