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Bissell Brothers Engram*Packaging may vary

Bissell Brothers Engram

Wheat Ale /5.5% ABV / Maine, United States

Wheat Ale
Maine, United States
Suggested Glassware
Pint Glass
Suggested Serving Temperature
45-50° F

Product description

What defines a memory? With all our scientific progress, we still don't fully know. The closest humans have come is the engram, theorized to be the physical storage units in the brain for these lasting impressions we retain during our lifetimes. Our Engram, the newest addition to the Bissell Brothers lineup, is our first wheat beer, and is redolent - in aroma and taste - of fresh sliced pineapple from the usage of Denali hops. The mouthfeel, derived from a grain bill comprised largely of malted wheat, is one of silky smooth perfection, and the manageable 5.5% ABV (we have found this to be essential to both craft beer enthusiasm and summertime drinking in general) allows you to enjoy this beer liberally. It is refreshing for us to know that the human experience remains at least partially unquantifiable, and that memory remains largely subjective. We hope you make some of your own with this beer.

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