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All about American strong ale

What is an American strong ale?

Strong ales are beers higher in ABV than the normal pale ale. Usually, somewhere between 5.5-7%, but can reach as high as 20%. They’re typically a deep amber color and have a malty sweetness to them, some are even a little bit fruity.

American strong ale is an unofficial style that groups together a lot of different beers. Most beers in this category are, hold onto your seats, American, and would be described as strong. However, some other beers placed in this category are considered strong ales simply because their flavor characteristics don’t entirely fit in another style.

Their range is what makes American strong ales exciting. They’re not constrained to any definition, appearance, strength or flavor. Some are malty, others barrel aged, some even have an ABV as high as 20%. So, exploring this beer style is always new.

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