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All about wild ale

What makes these ales so wild?

These wild ale craft brews take on a world of their own with the varying degrees of sourness and sometimes puckering effects. This fermentation style originated in Europe, but now many American breweries create local variations that pay homage to the wild European styles. These ales ferment with more than just the typical beer yeast. They often include a combination of wild Brettanomyces yeast and microbes like Lactobacillus and sometimes a tad of Pediococcus to obtain the desired flavor profile. Some brewers ferment these ales using the ancient "coolship" method with an open-top tank that allows microbes to float by in the ambient environment in hopes that some drop into the vat to create intriguing flavors. The fermentation process and aging in oak casks lend to the ale's fruity essence. The everlasting fizz presented by these craft beers has an alluring effect as you watch it.

Invigorating flavors

The flavorful sour ales boast essences of fruits like blackberry, lemon, blueberry and raspberry. The yeast used offers a bit of funky flavor and spice, while the microbes bring out the pucker-effect and the potential for a slight buttery or butterscotch essence. Some of these brews have a puckering effect that packs a punch. For something a little different, try a Gose beer, brewed using salted water, with a slightly salty, sour, puckering flavor profile for refreshing flavor like no other.

Prime drinking vessels for wild beverages

You will want to serve drinks like Firestone Walker Agrestic in something that matches the drink's style. Opt for a snifter glass, goblet or chalice to bring out the full effects of the beverage from its color and fizz to the aromas and flavors. The wide rim allows the aromas to entice the senses and enhance the flavors with every sip. Clear glasses let you view the drink's color and enjoy watching the everlasting fizz flow about the glass with an enchanting effect. For best flavor, serve these drinks cold. Get these wild styles and other craft brews from Drizly in your city or locate liquor stores near you.

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