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All about gueuze

What is gueuze beer?

Gueuze beer is a lambic beer. This means that brewers ferment it using wild yeasts and bacteria from Zenne Valley in Belgium. Lambics have a sour flavor that's present in gueuze. It carries a range of aromas and can replace Champagne at a party. You'll notice the fruity, funky and musty fragrances of the beer. Once you let the beer settle, you'll detect notes of apples and citrus fruits. It's a well-balanced drink with a broad range of flavors that carry a barnyard characteristic. When you drink it, you'll feel cascading flavors and complexity on your taste buds. There are other types of lambic beers as well, like fruit lambic.

Gueuze style

This ale craft beer is naturally fermented and has a high level of esters. It gets its sourness from the bacteria and yeast that brewers add during the brewing process. Making gueuze-style beers uses blends of new and old lambics as they referment in the bottle. Historically, it was dry and attenuated and exhibited no residual sweetness. Brewers can create sweet versions by adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. It has low bitterness, moderate alcohol levels and a medium finish. It pairs well with shellfish, mascarpone served with fruit and rich chocolate cake.

Gueuze appearance

When it comes to beer, the main thing is the flavor and aroma. But for gueuze lambic beer, appearance is important as well. It looks very similar to Champagne, which means you can use this beer instead of the effervescent wine to start your party. This beer has natural carbonation that makes it mimic Champagne even more easily. It is certainly a gem from the world of craft beers in this aspect.

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