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Fruit Lambic

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All about fruit lambic

What's fruit lambic?

Beer brewers add fruits during the fermentation process to create fruit lambics with sweet fruit notes. Lambics, which originated in Brussels, Belgium, highlight the flavor and aromas of the fruit, with some degree of sourness. They come in a range of styles, including dry, sweet, clear or cloudy. Lambic beer is a traditional Belgian sour beer with complex flavor notes and deep yellow or gold color. With the addition of fruits, lambics attain a beautiful balance of sourness with sweet fruit traces.

Types of this fruity beer

Kriek (cherry) and framboise (raspberry) are the two most popular styles of this fruity drink. Peach, apple and black currant lambics are also well-known flavors. The fruit dictates the flavor and color of this beer. Featuring moderate to high acidity, these lambic ales have moderate to low sourness with a rustic touch. Effervescence adds a refreshing twist to the drink, making it a lovely, thirst-quenching beverage on a hot summer day. As beer fans get more experimental, many are trying innovative styles such as gueuze, which is also a variety of this sour lambic. Brewers make gueze by blending old and young lambics and then bottling them for a second fermentation, resulting in a highly carbonated drink with bracing tartness.

Serving this Belgian beer

Lambics taste best when served at cellar temperature, between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Serve them in stemmed tulip glasses or straight-walled tumblers. Cherry lambics look inviting when poured into glassware similar to brandy snifters, while raspberry lambics cut an attractive figure in champagne flutes. Since these beers are so carbonated, pour them slowly into the glassware.

Food pairings with this refreshing beverage

Fruit-flavored Belgian lambics pair well with raw seafood dishes such as ceviche since the herb flavors of this dish complement the strong fruity notes of the beer for a fresh effect on the palate.

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