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All about lambic

What is Lambic beer?

A sour beer with a whimsical flavor, Lambic beer has a little something extra over conventional beer, making it a fun and unique drink to enjoy. A famous ale from Belgium, the unusual feature of Lambic beers is that they're left to ferment spontaneously in open vats. As bacteria and yeast inhabit the vat, the fermentation process starts, and the beer ages for up to three years in barrels. The final product is a sour wild ale with mild carbonation and a cloudy appearance.

Lambic beer styles

Spontaneously brewed, Lambic ale has evolved into different flavors and styles, including fruit Lambic and Gueuze. The naturally sweet and mildly sour flavor of fruits like cherry, raspberries and apricots balances the sour Lambic. Fruit provides the ale an added layer of flavor, with the fruits or berries creating a tantalizing taste.

Gueuze Lambic is a combination of a young Lambic ― about one year old ― with an older Lambic that's at least two to three years old. After this, Gueuze requires two to three years of conditioning before it's ready to drink. Gueuze Lambics have a fruity flavor with minimal hop bitterness and a strong effervescence.

What food pairs well with Lambic?

When pairing Lambics with food, consider them to be similar to champagne in terms of flavor. Fruit varieties taste like sweet champagne while straight Lambic is like dry champagne. This helps you get a better idea of what foods match with different types of these beers.

In general, Lambics pair well with fruits, salads and rich desserts such as a decadent chocolate cake. Shellfish and soft cheeses also taste great with the beer.

Serving Lambic

Serve the drink at between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Use tulip glasses or straight-walled glass tumblers. Flute glasses make it more enjoyable to sip on fruit Lambics or Gueuze. This ale is very carbonated, so you need to pour it slowly.

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