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All about Irish red

What is Irish red ale?

Irish red ale is a light to medium-bodied ale with a somewhat dry aftertaste. It's generally dark, intense copper-red to ruddy-brown. The carbonation is a bit restrained, and it produces a tan or beige foam. With just traces of hop aroma in the background, there is a sweet caramel scent of malt that dominates the flavors of Irish ale beer. This ale is low on bitterness and is only mildly alcoholic. On the mouth, it delivers the smoothness of heated barley. Common food pairings include lamb and mutton, roasted greens, steamed fruit like pears and creamy desserts. Usually poured into nonic pint glasses, the ale serves best chilled.

Red ale flavors

The ale enjoys a rich, almost creamy scent, reminiscent of buttered bread and coffee. Brewers also add rice, corn and sugar to the beer. It features a distinct toffee flavor. This ale usually receives more approval with subdued ester notes. When brewed as a lager, this amber ale beer should ideally not display any fruity scent at all. The richness of its aroma and complexity comes from roasted barley ― a distinguishing feature of its taste.

Brewing process

Historically, brewers brewed Irish ales with an assortment of herbs like myrtle and heather. Hops gained popularity rather late. For a pronounced bitter note, brewers add hop blossoms in the last stages when the ale is about to finish boiling. However, the redness and biscuit-like character of the ale derives from quality malt grains. As a hybrid beer, breweries prepare it with either English or Irish yeast. While they may combine both strains of yeast for flavor expansion, breweries prefer keeping them separate. This gives them greater control over its final characteristics ― flavor, body and taste. This ale does not feel heavy or sticky in the mouth but mimics a bouquet of candies.

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