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All About amber Ale

What is an amber ale?

Amber or red ales have a deep hue that may range from mahogany to rosy gold. They tend to have a sweet malt flavor, with notes of toffee and ripe fruit. For this reason, many brewers consider them the antithesis of the super-hoppy India pale ales. Of course, there are varieties with a more complex flavor. For example, classic Scotch ales feature a balanced mix of malty and hoppy notes. In other words, there’s a red ale for almost every beer lover. 

What food goes best with these beers?

Do you want to serve a malty Irish red ale? Pair it with savory dishes to complement its flavor profile. For example, you can try goat cheese, mild cheddar, Gruyere, roasted or grilled meats, and shepherd’s pie. Other ales could overpower everyday meals easily, but that’s not the case for red beers. You can enjoy them with chicken or light sandwiches.

If the drink of your choice is an American amber ale beer, pair it with tacos, grilled meats, sharp cheeses and burgers. Remember that these sweet beers also pair well with desserts like candied nuts and crème brûlée. Any dessert or appetizer with almonds or walnuts can complement the malty flavor of the beer.

When did it originate?

Red ales were born in Ireland. In 1710, the Smithwick Brewery created the first one by adding roasted barley to their recipe for pale ale. The resulting beer was delicious and had an attractive amber hue, so it enjoyed big success. 

The American amber ale style derives from the American pale ale and became popular thanks to some brewers from the Pacific Northwest and California. 

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