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Imperial Porter

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All about imperial porter

Imperial porters are extra strong versions of porters and are similar in style to baltic porters. But you may be asking yourself, before we get to ‘imperial,’ what’s a porter? Porters are dark beers, born sometime in the 1700s. Rumor has it they were created by blending old (read: stale) and new (read: brown ale) and mild beers to make something somewhat palatable. These days, they are malty, hoppy drinks with flavors like chocolate, caramel and toffee. Most famously, you’ll know porters by the name of Guinness.

What is an imperial porter

Imperial Porters have a medium caramel and chocolate sweetness, with a bit of a hop and malt character to them. Imperial porters are known for their use of roasted barley which gives them a distinctive flavor and aroma, in comparison to similar beers like baltic porters or traditional porters. They’re the darkest beers on the spectrum, about medium level in terms of bitterness and definitely are heavy ABV  hitters, ranging in alcohol from 7-12%.

How to serve

Imperial porters pair best with rich foods, like smoked cheeses or chocolate desserts like brownies (quite the range, there.) They’re best served in a tulip glass at slightly below room temperature.

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