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All about Kölsch beer

Kölsch beer is a German beer that's crisp, delicious and delicate. It's a hybrid, which means it derives its qualities from both ale beers and lagers. It has a light and refreshing taste that makes it perfect for warm summers when you need a cold brew. Kölsch won't just quench your thirst but will also serve as a great addition with food, especially sauerkraut, bratwurst, apricot cakes and nutty cheeses.

Kölsch character

This beer carries a vinous character and is light in color. With a crisp and somewhat dry finish, it's an interesting beverage. It ferments with ale yeast (like IPA) but finishes in a cold environment like a lager. This makes it a hybrid drink that carries the best of both worlds. Kölsch derives its roots from Köln in Germany. Like many other German beers, it has found its way into the American beer scene. In fact, Kölsch-style beer has gained popularity all over the world. Loved by craft beer connoisseurs, this is the perfect beverage for the summer months. Technically, a beer has to come from Köln to be a true Kölsch, but since there's a global demand for this beer, it's brewed all over the world. Kölsch-style ale brings the perfect balance between wispy fruit and delicate malt and gives a distinct hop aroma. This blonde beer is possibly the only pale-colored ale made in Germany that has made its entry into the international craft beer scene.

History of Kölsch

People in Köln started fermenting barley in the 19th century. With the availability of refrigeration, brewers adopted cold conditioning, which led to the creation of Kölsch. The name Kölsch wasn't used until the late nineteenth century. Around the turn of the century, this seasonal beer rapidly gained popularity and was made in breweries across the city. Filtered drinks were named Echt Kölsch, and unfiltered ones were called Weiss.

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