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White IPA

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White IPA Beers

If you're looking for a unique and interesting flavor in your next beer, check out the White IPA options out there. These drinks offer a beautiful golden color and usually a fruity flavor profile. While traditionally White IPAs have been mostly a summer drink, they're becoming more popular for year-round enthusiasts.

White IPA History:

White IPAs haven't been around too long. The drink was invented in 2010 and was a strange and satisfying collaboration between two brewmasters. Larry Sidor from Deschutes Brewery and Steven Pauwels from Boulevard Brewing decided to work together on a new beer recipe.

The combination of Boulevard's wheat flavoring and the hoppy drinks coming from Deschutes was a match made in heaven. They added a few more flavors to round out the White IPA, including white sage, orange peel, lemongrass and coriander. The first few taste inventions made a splash, and it wasn't long before other brewers started trying to imitate the original White IPA.

Style and Characteristics:

It only took until 2015 for the Beer Judge Certification Program to decide that White IPA was a new, officially recognized beer style. The announcement came to great acclaim. To be classified as a White IPA, there are specific criteria that have to be met.

One of the important aspects of a White IPA is the color. A White IPA needs to have a gold color but can range from pale to deep shades. The head is moderate to large and offers a very dense bubbling.

The flavor of White IPAs varies depending on the brewer. Generally, this beer offers fruity esters. The flavor is lighter than other types of beer, with either a maltiness or breadiness. Depending on the brand and specific run you choose, you may get flavors of banana, grapefruit, apricot or orange. In addition, the spices used to flavor the beer come out. It is best to drink a White IPA between 45 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pairing a White IPA:

The stronger the flavor, the better the pairing with a White IPA. Some of the suggested food pairings for this drink from the Beer Judge Certification Program are chicken fajitas, blue cheese, enchiladas, and sharp cheddar. Spicy soups, such as chili is another great option to pair with this beer. The spicing and unique flavor of a White IPA helps bring out the delicious strong flavors in these foods, without either overpowering the other.