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All about session IPAs

A look at session IPAs

As an Indian pale ale (IPA), session IPA beer has a light, refreshing taste and relatively low alcohol content, typically 5% or less. It helps you to quench thirst in the summer, and it's very drinkable, so it's a smart choice as a social drink.

If you like to experiment with new beers, you'll be glad to know that there are plenty of versions available since this style is pretty popular among microbrewers. Each brewery adds its own variations to the beer style, so you have a wide choice of flavors with which to experiment.

In addition, big breweries are gradually joining the session IPA market to create even more versions with different flavor profiles. Most of these beers hail from the United States, but there are also some good ones from France and Canada.

What does it taste like?

For many beer lovers, the flavor of a session IPA symbolizes summer. They have the same hoppy flavor of a good IPA or black IPA, minus the alcoholic part. Depending on the variety, you'll perceive notes of fruits and citrus, which derive from certain hop types. 

History of session IPAs

This low-alcohol beer has its roots in England where, during World War I, workers who produced weapons could drink during their work shifts. Yep, you read that right! For obvious reasons, breweries had to invent a low-alcohol beer that would satisfy the taste buds of said workers without causing too many injuries in the process. Workers had drinking "sessions" of four hours during a typical workday, so that's where the "session IPA" name originated. 

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