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What are Session Beers?

If you're looking for one of the most popular beer types on the market today, check out a Session beers. This is a light beer that helps quench thirst and offers a unique and fabulous taste. Most Sessions IPAs are five percent alcohol by volume or less. Some feel that a beer shouldn't be classified as a Session IPA unless it is even lighter, in the three to four percent range, but that's up for debate.

Flavor Profile:

Defining the flavor profile of a Session IPA is a little difficult since there are so many options to choose from. However, one thing you'll notice about these beers is that they all have a light taste. This is partly because of how the beer is made overall, and partly because it has a lower alcohol content than most. Even with that and a lighter flavor, most Session IPAs don't feel watered down, which is great. If you're looking for an overall floral hop taste or a bit of sweet breadiness, this might be the one for you to try.

When to Enjoy a Session IPA:

A delicious Session IPA is a great option anytime. With the lower alcohol content, many choose a Session IPA for a drink in the evening with dinner, or while out with friends. The light flavor makes this IPA a popular drink in the summer. In fact, originally one of the big draws for Session IPAs was that they helped quench thirst in the middle of a hot summer. As with many beers, the fresher your Sessions IPA, the better. Try your new beer cold to get the best flavor and experience.

Find Your New Session IPA:

Luckily for those who love beer and want to try all the options out there, you can find a lot of options for Session IPAs. While a lot of big-name brewers have started making their way into this market, microbrewers have a huge variety of Session IPAs out there already. Session IPAs are popular in the United States, but even Canadian and French brewers have stepped into making this beer.

Decide the alcohol level you're looking for, if you want your beer from a specific brewer, and the area of the world you're looking for a beer from. With these factors, as well as what flavor you're seeking all help point you in the right direction.