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Sierra Nevada Big Little Thing Imperial IPA*Packaging may vary

Sierra Nevada Big Little Thing Imperial IPA

Imperial / Double IPA /9% ABV / California, United States

Product Details

Imperial / Double IPA
California, United States
Craft, Independent Craft Brewer
Calories per Serving (12 oz)
Carbs per Serving (12 oz)

Product Description

Big Little Thing defies brewing logic. A monster ABV and booming hop character, but tame sweetness and a clean finish? This anomaly of imperial IPA starts with the mash. More than just using a huge volume of malt (and we do fill our mill to overflowing), we mash our grain aggressively to yield a higher ratio of fermentable vs. unfermentable sugars. This allows yeast to metabolize nearly all sugar, which both boosts the ABV to 9% and cuts the malt sweetness. At the same time, yeast and hops collaborate on their own magic. Dry hopping during active fermentation sparks biotransformation: yeast cells alter the chemical compounds in hops to unlock entirely new aromas—like the tropical wave that washes over Big Little Thing.

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Community Reviews

4.7(3 Reviews)
  • Tim Nov 25 2021

    PAUSE… Take a deep breath… This is the FINEST IPAs I’ve ever tasted. This is one of the most ‘seasoned’ IPAs I’ve ever tasted. This is, by FAR…. by FAR + 9.0 the STRONGEST IPA squeezed into a 19.2 oz. can (hence, less calories) for three bones. $3 maybe $3.50 at the local, corner store. I don’t work for these guys. I’m solo father of three kids taking the time to tell IPA ? homies that this is THE ANSWER to all the IPA questionnaires out there. If you disagree, I look forward to your replies… your subjective and objective replies; both different perspectives, please. Us IPA fanatics gotta keep up with the passion to not permit this BULLETPROOF (the flavor + to the maximum strength within + to the mind boggling RETAIL piece of $3.29 on my local website! 15,quarters, including California… I have DUUBLE it in my car’s ashtray…. This is an A+ A+ A+ … no brainer I look forward to all replies (with a modicum of integrity as the ONE caveat, not to be forgotten, is the NON-NEGOTIABLE request: please submit, to me (on this website) your two replies: Your subjective answer (pure LUCID & PRUDENT opinion …. AND …. your OBJECTIVE opinion … so I know if you’re sipping or sober when you reply ???????????

  • Steve
    Verified Buyer
    Jul 31 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Solid as always. Not too hoppy, not too juicy, just the right ABV. Sneaks up on ya if you're not careful.

  • Robert
    Verified Buyer
    Feb 6 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Worth it.