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Black IPA

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All about black IPAs

What does Black IPA mean?

Black IPA beers have an oxymoron in their name. How can an India pale ale (IPA) be black? Well, the reason why these IPAs are not pale is the type of malt. In common with the beloved IPAs, these beers have a strong hoppy taste, derived from the use of American hops. 

Many beer connoisseurs also call this style India black ale ― which seems to make more sense ― American-style Black Ale or Cascadian Black Ale, from the North American region from where it hails. Whatever you want to call them, black IPAs are satisfying and full-bodied.

Flavor profile

This dark beer may look like a stout, but its scent reminds many of another popular type of craft beer, the West Coast IPA. Its malts have roasted notes that characterize the beer's style. Other notes present include caramel, chocolate, coffee, resin, pine, fruits and citrus. Black IPAs have an alcohol by volume (ABV) value between 5.5% and 9%, which is significantly higher than the one of your typical session IPA

How to serve it?

Serve your black IPA between 46 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit in a nice tulip glass or, even better, an IPA glass. Despite the strong hop aroma, these beers are food-friendly. You can pair them with many strong-flavored foods.

Try India black ales with grilled meats, fried chicken, steaks and game meats. Their flavor profile can handle fatty foods so try pairing them with cheeseburgers, foie gras or blue cheese. A savory cheddar or Gouda will work as well. If you want dessert, the beer's chocolate and coffee notes work wonders with chocolate desserts and spicy carrot cake. 

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