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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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English Brown Ale

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      All about English brown ale

      What is English brown ale?

      English brown ale has distinct malty features and a medium body. Its pigmentation varies from rich deep amber to dark brown. The dominant flavor is that of malts with highlights of caramel and toffee. As a brown ale beer, it contains surprisingly low levels of bitterness. This translucent ale bears mild fruity scents that appeal to the senses. Most of these ales maintain about 5% ABV, making them more acceptable to traditional English ale aficionados. Serve it clear pint glasses for easy viewing of the drink's color and head, and entice the senses with the delectable flavors and aromas. Pair this type of ale with pork, steak, fritters, nuts and cheese.

      English dark ale family

      Brewers craft this dark brown ale with a combination of crystal, victory, pale ale and chocolate malts. It has subdued hops from Kent Goldings, producing a drink with a weak hoppy aroma. It features a soft body with a slow-rising foam head that dissipates slowly. Versions of this ale vary with one slightly scented with roasted grains and quite dry, while the other is sweet and a bit fruity. The beer, in all its variations, bears a characteristic chocolaty taste acquired from toasted nuts. Most modern nut brown ale variants come from northern England, notably Newcastle, and have gained popularity in the United States. Ales originating in the southern part of the country are darker and have a sugary feel.

      The brewing process

      These ales are a must-try at craft breweries. With select English hops, they offer something for every ale enthusiast, whether they prefer their drink malt-forward or fruity. Brewers roast the grains and caramelize them to bring out vibrant colors and complex aromas. Like all quality beer made with English ale yeast, it delivers a somewhat lengthy finish. It tastes crisp and is fragrant with mellow esters. The attenuation change between medium and high makes the drink neither excessively sweet nor bone dry.

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