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Golden / Blonde Ale

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All About Blonde/Golden Ale

Whether you call it blonde or golden ale, one thing's for certain. This straw-colored beer is a middle-of-the-road brew that everyone can enjoy. Get to know the nuances of golden ales and find the perfect blonde brew for you.

What's the Story of Blonde Ale?

Like many of the best beers, blonde ales originated in North America. In the grand scheme of things, they're relative newcomers. In fact, these members of the pale ale family first hit the market around the same time that craft beer started to grow in popularity.

While some craft brews are challenging, especially for palates used to mass-market beers, golden ales couldn't be easier to get to know. In fact, blonde ales have long been known for their easy drinkability. That makes them the ideal brew to pique the typical beer drinker's interest and speed up the introduction to the world of craft beer.

How Does Blonde Ale Taste?

If you've ever enjoyed a crisp, refreshing German Kölsch on a warm day, you can probably imagine how an American blonde ale tastes. Most have a light or medium body with a slightly sweet maltiness and a light to medium bitterness from the hops. Most blonde ales also have subtle notes of fruit that give them more complex flavor profiles and hint at summertime fun.

Overall, blonde ales are known for being balanced and easy to enjoy. You'll like them best if you serve them in a tulip glass, and you should always chill them to between 45 and 50 degrees.

Types of Blonde Ale You Have to Try:

They say that blondes have more fun, and that's certainly true of these popular brews. Take your love of golden ales to the next level with these top picks.

  • Summer Ale: Whether they come from Brooklyn Brewery, Montauk Brewing Co. or Victory, blonde summer ales are refreshing and easy to drink.
  • Fruit-Based Ale: From apricot to pineapple to lemon, fruit tones work remarkably well in these ales. Try blondes from Dry Dock Brewing or Funky Buddha to get a taste.
  • Belgian-Style Ale: Let your taste buds hop across the pond to sample complex, crisp and strong Belgian golden ales from Duvel, De Proef or Achel.