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All about tripels

What is tripel?

Tripel beer has a complex flavor profile, comparable to that of the finest wines out there. Okay, maybe the flavor is completely different from one of your favorite sauvignon blancs or Barberas, but the charming complexity is the same. 

Perhaps surprisingly, hop and malt are not the main characteristics of these beers. The hoppy bitterness is discreet, almost unnoticeable, and there's just a hint of sweetness from pale malts. What makes tripel special? The answer is in the fruity esters, with notes of orange and banana, and the spicy, clove-like phenolic notes. 

Just like Belgian strong ales, tripels are on the higher end of the ABV spectrum, with an alcohol content from 7% to 10%. Yup, that's another thing these beers have in common with wine.

Food pairings with tripels

Want to make the most out of your tripel's flavor? Pair it with something that contains basil. Anything goes, from pesto to a pizza enriched with this scented Italian herb. 

Alternatively, try your favorite tripel ale beer with cured meats like prosciutto or, even better, honey-glazed ham. If you really want to indulge in something rich, try triple creme cheese or brie. Desserts such as peach cobbler, pecan pie and cheesecake are tasty food pairings as well.

Are you a clean-eating fan who doesn't cook anything other than healthy meals? Don't worry, tripels can work for you, too. Pair these delicious beers with brussels sprouts and asparagus. 

Why are these beers called "tripels"?

Because producers use three times the amount of malt used in a standard Belgian beer, called "Trappist."

Want to try the flavor of a Belgian tripel for yourself? Browse craft beers on Drizly or click these handy links to search for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

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