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Saison Beers & Farmhouse Ales

A saison can be whatever you want it to be. Well, more accurately it can be whatever a brewer wants it to be. The point being, there's a wide range. They can be blonde or dark, dry or fruity. While the style can take many different forms, saison beer almost always features a lively carbonation and notes of citrus and hops.

Saison varieties are considered specialty beers from the Belgian province of Hainaut. The beers were originally brewed in the spring for the perfect summer beverage, but modern saisons are brewed year-round, which is something we all can be thankful for. This esoteric brew appeals to any craft beer devotee thanks to its hoppy characteristics. Look for a classically golden orange hue and you've got yourself a distinctive saison worth enjoying.

Given saison's history as a summer beer, saisonis best enjoyed when you need something light, crisp and refreshing to ease the seasonal heat. While saison's style is difficult to pin down, its roots as a farmhouse ale make it a good choice for pairing with rustic foods. Think roast chicken and veg, bouillabaisse or fresh arugula salads. The beer is delicate enough that it won't overpower the food while the yeast-derived spices pair nicely with peppery flavors.

Other foods worth trying with a saison include creamy cheeses, aromatic dishes like pad thai, pepper-encrusted steak, sausages and cured meats. Essentially, saison is one of the most food-friendly beers around, so you can't go wrong with the possibilities.

Since saisons are as unique as the brewers who create them, how you pick the right one depends on your flavor preferences. Fortunately, saison is an affordable beer with many competitors, ensuring you have your pick of labels. Try it in a bottle or a can. Either way, you can't go wrong with saison.

Ideally, your saison should be served cool, between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. For the perfect experience, enjoy the saison with a snifter, tulip or over-sized wine glass.

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