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All about quadrupel

What is quadrupel beer?

Quadrupel beer has its origins in Belgium. It's a dark ale that shows shades of rich brown, garnet, ruby and deep red. It derives its colors from dark malts in the brewing process. The dominant flavors are those of caramel and candy with a distinct malty aroma. On the palate, Belgian ale beer has a slight taste of rum, along with subtle hoppy bitterness. Its ABV may rise to 14%, and it's best served in a goblet or chalice to impart a roundness of features.

Quadrupel beer family

Brewers have kept the same recipes for Belgian-style ale for centuries. These recipes come from ancient monasteries. Pilsner malt is generally used with darker varieties to highlight the intricacy of aromas. One can sense fruity notes of raisins, dates and cherries in it. It's related to other Belgian beers, like dubbel and trippel, but is stronger than both. Some other scents of this ale include clove, chocolate, fig, orange and maple. There are hints of spiciness as well, with the presence of nutmeg and anise. This ale craft beer has low levels of phenols and holds a balance between sweet, bitter and spicy tastes.

Quadrupel beer brewing process

Brewers make quadrupel ale by following traditional and well-preserved recipes and then adding their own fresh take. They sometimes add Munich malt along with wheat. They boil the malt for a long time before it's caramelized in a kettle. It gains structure by the addition of sweetness. Brewers add spices like pepper and cinnamon along with herbs for a varied flavor profile. In the mouth, the ale is sweet and smooth and ends with a somewhat dry finish. Types of Belgian strong ale are heritage drinks and occur in three distinct styles — Trappist, abbey and Belgian white.

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