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All about dubbel

What is dubbel beer?

Dubbel beer is a Belgian beer that's rich in flavor and malts. It has some spicy characteristics and isn't as fruity as its cousin, Belgian strong ale. However, it does have some flavors and aromas of dark fruit. With colors ranging from amber to dark brown, dubbel has a mild hop bitterness and no lasting hop flavors. It can also carry a sweet caramel flavor that results from dark sugar and crystal malts. It has a full body and a dry finish. Its carbonation is pretty expressive, and it's a popular style of Belgian beer. It pairs well with apple smoked sausages, milk chocolate and washed rind cheeses.

Dubbel character

Dubbel is a Trappist beer. Trappist beers are the ones that are made in monasteries in Belgium and Netherlands. In general, dubbels have a light body and are strong in alcohol levels. They're generally lightly hopped and have a dry body. With a somewhat crisp finish, this beer is a popular drink in Belgium. The yeast used to make this beer creates complex aromas and flavors with a dry feel. It follows an old recipe with new add-ons. It dates back to the late 18th century when only monasteries brewed this drink. As brewing sciences improved, brewers started making this Belgian ale beer while adding their own personal twist, which evolved this drink to the modern-day dubbel.

What makes dubbel special?

Yeast is the most important component of dubbel. When monasteries made this ale craft beer, they shared their information with each other and that helped them come up with a better quality yeast. There were different strains of yeast and, as they adapted over time, each brewery developed its own style of yeast. This is how dubbels got a personal touch from one brewery to another. Another factor that makes it special is its attenuation. Attenuation is the process of converting sugar to alcohol. Since different breweries have different processes, you'll find difference among dubbels.

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