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Belgian-Style Ale

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All about Belgian-style ale

Types of Belgian-style beers

There is a wide variety of Belgian-style ale beer to suit different tastes. Here are the most common subcategories of this well-known beer style explained. 

Belgian-style pale ales are medium-bodied beers with a gold or copper hue and a low hop aroma, which makes them easy to drink. They also have a moderate alcohol content, typically from 4% to 6% alcohol by volume (ABV), so you can enjoy them in any situation. 

If you'd prefer something stronger, try Belgian strong ales. This category includes strong pale ales, strong dark ales and strong golden ales. The pale ones are hoppy and fruity with a higher alcohol content than Belgian pale ales — from 7% to 12% ABV. The golden ones are light to medium-bodied and have a complex flavor profile with malty, spicy and floral notes. Lastly, most of the dark ones are spicy and not overly hoppy. 

Food to pair with this ale

Want to enjoy your Belgian-style ale with food? We've got you. A Belgian-style pale ale pairs well with fish and chips and tempura, while a Belgian IPA works well with spicy dishes, especially those from Asia, Mexico and Thailand. If you want fish, or pasta with tomato-based sauces and pesto, try a Belgian blonde ale. Lastly, a Belgian golden strong ale is your best bet with shrimp and triple creme cheese. 

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