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Beer Cocktails

Beer Cocktail Recipes

If you're typically a beer drinking don't knock these beer cocktails till you try 'em. From a classic like the Black and Tan, to the unique like our Fall Harvest Beer Cocktail, beer based drinks are easy to make and a great way to use up any single brews leftover in your fridge. Most beer drinks are also lower in alcohol, which makes them great for daytime drinking like tailgates, bbqs and brunch parties. A summertime favorite is the Stella Shandy, which is simply equal parts Stella Artois beer and carbonated Lemonade, tart malty and refreshing. Have a few mexican lagers laying around? Grab some limes and check out our savory Michelada recipe for delicious way to enjoy those leftover Corona Extra's in your fridge.

Featured Beer Cocktail Recipes

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