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    All about Yuengling

    America is a melting pot of different people and cultures, and it’s a spirit Yuengling celebrates proudly. As the nation’s oldest brewery, Yuengling began in 1829 as the creation of David G. Yuengling — though, at the time, he called it Eagle Brewery (eagles were a pretty big deal back then). The official name change happened in 1873 when David’s son Frederick joined the game. After his father’s death several years later, Frederick began upgrading the plant’s operations with a new bottling line.

    Yuengling is and has always been scrappy. The company was even able to survive Prohibition by pivoting to “near beer” products and opening a dairy. When Prohibition ended, they released a “Winner Beer” and shipped an entire truckful of it to FDR.

    Today the spirit of this American institution remains unchanged and having just celebrated its 190th anniversary, and they are still at the top of their game. The fact that the place is still run by the Yuengling family is just gravy on top of this sweet story.