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About Widmer Brothers

Most brothers bicker over girls, who's better at sports or who gets the last slice of pizza, but not the Widmer Brothers. In 1984, Kurt and Robert started Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, Oregon, using nothing more than a dairy tank, a shrimp cooker and a 1970 Datsun pickup. That's an impressive arsenal of junk to brew beer, but just a few years later, this setup produced the first American Hefeweizen known as Hefe — a cloudy wheat beer that remains the brewery's staple more than 30 years later. Today, Widmer Brothers Brewing is the ninth-largest brewer in the United States and publicly traded on the NASDAQ. Their offerings center around six mainstays, the Portland Pub Series and two seasonal varieties. This includes the tangy Hefe Berry Lime, the hoppy Deadlift Imperial IPA or the slightly sweet Drop Top Amber. If you can't decide which one to choose, let the sampler pack do the thinking for you. And if you find yourself putting down a few bottles at a time, you might as well buy some stock.