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About Urban Chestnut

Since Urban Chestnut's inception in 2011, the St. Louis-based craft brewer has since opened a second brewery and public house in the same town. Both of them operate out of historic 1920s buildings — one in an old garage and the other in a former paper factory.

Urban Chestnut embraces a philosophy of "modern metropolis meets Old World," well-represented in their two product lines. The Revolution series is a tribute to the modern American craft brew. Their Reverence series honors European classic brewing techniques.

In deep respect of beer's European roots, the folks at Urban Chestnut took the plunge in 2015 and acquired a small brewery in Germany. Urban Chestnut had already been exporting their artisanal craft brews to Deutschland, and opening their third location there was a dream come true. Bürgerbräu Wolnzach, a small brewery about 30 miles outside of Munich, came up for sale and Urban Chestnut simply couldn't pass on the opportunity.

Browse an extensive line of fine Urban Chestnut suds on Drizly. Their legendary Schnickelfritz Weissbier Ale, classic chestnut-infused Winged Nut, hoppy Fantasyland West Coast IPA and incredible Apotheosis Saison Ale can all be had here at terrific prices.