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All about Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea is one of those things that was simply meant to be. How long would humanity have gone on without canning a batch of refreshing iced tea and adding alcohol to it? Who knows when it would have been invented had Twisted Tea not perfected it — but it’s a combination so compelling that it would have come around eventually.

However, there’s a certain magic that Twisted Tea brings to it. It’s that lemony zest that gives you the slightest of puckers before the cool wave of black tea hits you. It’s the delightful, sunshine-inspired packaging.

And it’s the variety that’s offered in this one succinct brand. For the tried and true, there’s always the Original Twisted Tea and its Light cousin. But then there’s Half & Half, which features half iced tea and half lemonade (with the 5% ABV kick, of course). Slightly Sweet gives you that edge of sugary deliciousness that makes it all work so well. Or if fruit’s your thing, you can try Blackberry, Blueberry, Mango, Raspberry, or Peach. Whatever mood you’re in, Twisted Tea has you covered.