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Truly Hard Seltzer

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All about Truly Hard Seltzer

For not being around that long, Truly Hard Seltzer has sure managed to capture the imagination and taste buds of the entire world. With around 100 calories per can and a scant single gram of carbs, it’s no wonder that lovers of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages have taken to it like fish to sparkling water.

Truly Hard Seltzer set out on a simple but profound mission: to make a delicious alcoholic sparkling water infused with fruit that you could sip on the beach or after a hot day. They launched in spring 2016 with three flavors; today, they are in double-digits. Crisp, refreshing and fruitier than ever (thanks to a 2019 flavor revamping), Truly has kept its mission statement front and center while delivering release after release of the most divinely sippable seltzers out there.

They’re also popular thanks to their versatility. They’re totally open to being the base in cocktails. Bars now have them on tap. Want a refreshing reward after a hot hike? Yeah, that little can will fit in your backpack. At 5% ABV, Truly has created a drink that’s immensely enjoyable and perfect for a wide range of occasions.