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About Toppling Goliath

You can't get more middle of nowhere than Decorah, Iowa. Located nearly 70 miles from the nearest interstate, you couldn't stumble upon this town if you tried. But Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. might make you rethink your travel plans. Founded in 2009 by the husband/wife duo of Clark and Barb Lewey, Toppling Goliath has expanded from a small home-brewing operation to a 30-beer offering distributed in eight states. Named the second-best brewery in the world by BeerAdvocate and featuring award-winning IPAs and barrel-aged stouts, this craft brewery is certainly the David in the industry. Ever dreamed of brunch and beer together in blissful harmony? Pop the top of a Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout. This barrel-aged stout is like brunch in a glass at a heavy 13 percent ABV. But with the flavors of chocolate chip pancakes mixed with espresso and bourbon, you won't mind eating "brunch" even if it's a late night with friends. If that's a bit too heavy for your liking, the Pompeii IPA is a medium-bodied pale ale that deliciously mixes mango and pineapple flavors for a sweet, tart and tangy flavor you'll love.