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All about Small Town Brewery

You may recognize Small Town Brewery for its best-known product called Not Your Father’s, which features nostalgic, flavored beers. These unique adult beverages are packed with flavor, like the alcoholic spicy root beer or the vanilla cream ale. With most options topping just 5% ABV, you can enjoy one or two during a lovely afternoon without catching too much of a buzz, although, for a short time, double-strength hard root beer was available. This Americana brand was founded by Tim Kovac, who partnered with the Pabst Blue Ribbon Company to better expand Small Town Brewery’s distribution.

Small Town Brewery isn’t limited to just the Not Your Father’s brand. The Not Your Mother’s line of “alcopops” is tasty and unassuming, with classic all-American flavors like apple pie and iced tea. The recipes include premium ingredients, like Indian tea, real fruit juice and Madagascar vanilla. Small Town Brewery products are indulgent while still offering a light and refreshing experience. It’s a unique option for those needing a break from the extra hoppy IPAs or tart sours dominating the market.