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    All About Shiner Beers

    Shiner Beers comes from a quaint little Texas town of the same name with a population that's barely over 2,000. They've stayed true to their roots since 1906, despite crafting over six million cases each year. In well over a century, Shiner has never expanded, outsourced or sold out in any way. Shiner is a top seller here at Drizly, and for good reason.

    Shiner is actually produced by Spoetzl Brewery, named after its founder Kosmos Spoetzl. This Bavarian native took every brewing secret his homeland had to offer to the tiny town of Shiner, Texas, bought the town's ailing brewery and history was born. Spoetzl now ranks among the top five largest craft breweries and the top 10 overall breweries in the entire country.

    Today, Spoetzl Brewery is widely known for its flagship Shiner Bock, a rich and complex dark lager. Drizly is proud to offer Shiner Bock alongside a wide selection of other Spoetzl brews. They range from crowd-pleasers such as IPAs and light lagers to more eccentric flavors that include strawberry blonde, chocolate stout and prickly pear.