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About Samuel Adams

The first time Jim Koch, brewed his grandfather's recipe in his kitchen, he launched the craft beer revolution. The result was Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and it reshaped the landscape of American beer. Sam Adams has been on the forefront of the craft-beer movement for decades, with a variety of IPAS, ales, seasonals and more, each brewed with a revolutionary spirit. If you're new to Samuel Adams — don't worry, we'll forgive you — we recommend grabbing the Seasonal Variety Pack on Drizly. It's a great introduction to the various flavors found in Sam Adams brews, and if you're feeling generous, go ahead and share with your friends. If you've been working out in the yard or at the gym, we recommend cooling down with Samuel Adams Cold Snap. It's one of the most refreshing brews you'll ever taste, and the subtle spicy notes add complexity rarely found in craft beers. So what are you waiting for? Buy Sam Adams beer online at a great price and have it delivered directly to your door or pick it up in store!