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All about Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams is Boston Beer Company’s leading brand and one of the pioneers in New England's prominent craft beer industry. Sam Adams can hold its own against other beer heavyweights. It launched its signature Boston Lager in 1985, which has since become a staple in bars throughout the country. The man for which the beer is named was just as much a pioneer; Samuel Adams is a Founding Father who signed the Declaration of Independence and was known to dabble in the beer brewing business. One has to think he’d appreciate how his visage has since become synonymous with craft beer.

Samuel Adams beer is Boston proud. The company’s owner, Jim Koch, is a Harvard grad and Boston lover and the brand relies heavily on its New England roots for everything from naming beers to advertising. Sam Adams is a sponsor of the Boston Marathon and the official beer of the Boston Red Sox. They even launched an IPA in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Harvard grad herself.

So what makes the beer so unique? The brewery keeps innovating and celebrating its community from the German hops, special malt blends and seasonal favorites. Jim Koch himself is said to taste-test every batch of the flagship lager. That is dedication.