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About Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Jesus could turn water into wine, but if you aren't a wine drinker, it's a case of "what have you done for me lately?" For beer drinkers, the equivalent would be Saint Arnold. Legend has it when parishioners of a church in Metz, France, entered into the mountainous area of Remiremont, they all but ran out of food and drink. That's when Arnie did his saintly duty and turned the last drops of beer in a mug into an overflowing amount that was enough for everyone. While Arnold is deemed a saint, you might throw around the word hero. The good thing is Houston's Saint Arnold Brewing Company got wind of this story and turned the never-ending beer idea into the city's first craft brewery. Opened in 1994, Saint Arnold features 12 year-round beers, including the famous Fancy Lawnmower German Kolsch, seven seasonal beers and several limited edition brews. During fall, commit an act of blasphemy by injecting some Pumpkinator into your Halloween festivities. This stout's pumpkin, molasses and brown sugar are sure to raise your hair.