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More About Renegade Beers

Ever feel like most beers just aren't great fits for your taste buds? Renegade Brewing Company understands. Rather than follow the same old brewing rules, this Denver brewery decided to throw tradition out the window and embrace creativity instead.

Founded in 2011, Renegade Brewing Company has been making deliciously offbeat beers for almost a decade. The brewery started small, with a tiny production facility and a well-loved taproom. Today, Renegade has a much larger brewery, five year-round brews and plenty of seasonal beers — and you're sure to love them all.

New to Renegade? Start with year-round favorites like Free to Roam. This American pale ale boasts bright Citra hops, a floral nose and tons of juicy flavor. Take the adventure a step further with Runaway, an India pale ale (IPA) from the West Coast. You'll love the citrus and grapefruit notes, hints of pine and hops that don't stop. If you're looking for a brew with spice, try Redacted, a rye IPA that doesn't shy away from its peppery notes.

Seasonal brews change with the weather, but you'll definitely want to get your hands on a can of Hammer. This award-winning imperial stout has tons of roasted appeal, with vanilla and chocolate notes and a dry hop finish.