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All About Paulaner Brewing

There's a link between Catholics and beer that's undeniable. It's a fusion of piety both about religion and about what you drink. Perhaps that's what makes Paulaner such a special beer. Founded in Munich in 1634 by Minim monks, Paulaner employs a tried and true brewing method that's been largely unchanged over nearly 400 years. Today, Paulaner is the sixth-largest brewer in Germany, and one of only six breweries that provide the beer for Munich's famed Oktoberfest.

Paulaner's success came straight from the start, when rival brewers petitioned the mayor of Munich to ban the monks' operations. On February 24, 1634, the mayor bravely rejected the petition, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Paulaner beer masterpiece is the Hefe-Weizen natural wheat beer. Using a technique called yeast suspension, this critically acclaimed beer is slightly sweet, a bit cloudy and consistently refreshing. That's why it's Germany's number-one Hefe-Weizen and the ideal place to start your venture into Paulaner.

In recent times, Paulaner has branched out to include other popular beers, including a Pils, Munich Lager, Oktoberfest and dark beers for your enjoyment. Each stays true to the original formula, imparting a taste of Bavaria in each sip. It's the ideal way to celebrate Germany's greatest party without dropping a grand on a trip to the center of the beer universe.