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All About Ommegang Beers

The Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York, puts the "craft" in craft beer. Its esteemed proprietors are known for distilling its spirits down to the smallest grain of wheat or barley. Grab a few of your favorite friends and gather 'round for a sampling of New York's finest hops.

Visit Brewery Ommegang:

The Brewery Ommegang features a café as well as a brewery, so make sure to fill up on some carbs to stave off the buzz you're sure to have after sampling Ommegang's many offerings. Take the guided tour or set off on your own to explore this iconic pub's man-cave setting. By the time you leave, you'll know exactly what to order so you can stock your fridge full of heavenly hops.

You're welcome to visit Brewery Ommegang with children age six and older, though you'll want to leave the brews to the adults. Tours run on the hour, every hour, during the summer.

Since the Brewery Ommegang specializes in Belgian-inspired brews, you can expect to enjoy Belgian fare at the on-site café. Of course, this means all the junk food you can eat. While you're swilling down your favorite ale, gorge on chocolate, waffles, and other brewpub delicacies.

Try Brewery Ommegang Beers:

If you're not sure which brew will tickle your taste buds, consider one of these prime options:

  • Ommegang Hennepin: If you love your hops, you'll delight in Ommegang Hennepin's rich, full-bodied flavor and its lingering nutty notes. It's also the perfect chaser if you're starting with the hard stuff.
  • Ommegang Witte: Many beer lovers appreciate a few fruity notes in their brews, and Ommegang Witte doesn't disappoint. The citrus flavors give this pale ale a refreshing crispness that you'll appreciate after a workout.
  • Ommegang Rare Vos: Yeasty beers often feature spicy notes with hints of fruit and malt. Ommegang Rare Vos is a delight for the taste buds if you appreciate medium-bodied brews that, like fine wines, have mellowed with age.
  • Ommegang Great Beyond Double IPA: India pale ale (IPA) has a cult following of its own, but you'll want to try Brewery Ommegang's spin on this classic brew. It's a highly drinkable, fruity ale with hints of resin.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that Ommegang Brewery has officially licensed "Game of Thrones" for a slew of limited-edition brews. If you're a GoT fan, you won't want to miss Bend the Knee in 750-mL bottles as you salute the hallowed houses of Westeros.