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About Omission

Omission Brewing Company isn't quite like other craft beers. As you might guess based on its name, this beer is missing one thing: gluten. Brewmaster Joe Casey launched Omission in 2012 after learning that his wife could no longer consume gluten-containing beer. He aimed to create the best-tasting beer made with traditional ingredients but crafted to remove gluten, designed for anyone who wants or needs to cut gluten out of their diet. Why not sample all four beers that Omission Brewing Company makes? The Pale Ale is pleasantly hoppy, showing off its Cascade hop profile, and boasts floral notes with a caramel malt body. Let's just say this brew is super easy to drink. Another classic, the Lager is beautifully bright and crisp, making it the ideal summer brew. For a brew that's a bit bolder, go for the IPA, a hop-forward IPA that's proudly Northwestern in style. Not only will you love the pine and grapefruit notes, but you'll also appreciate the perfect balance between the bitter hops and the sweet malt. If you're looking for something a little lighter, try the Ultimate Light Golden Ale, which features citrus-forward hops, a clean finish and just 99 calories per bottle.