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About Noble Cider

Noble Cider came from humble beginnings, with a relatable story — scraping together a little cash in pursuit of a great beverage. Using apples sourced from nearby orchards, the hard cider company put a local twist on a tart favorite. When you don't want the hard kick of liquor but you're not quite in the mood for a beer, these ciders and meads are your perfect middle ground. Sweet and crisp, they're the fruity alternative to hoppy brews. Stick with the Standard Bearer if you like to keep things simple with a dry hard cider. If your taste buds are crying for something more creative, let them sample The Village Tart flavored with cherry, The Golden Arrow with a touch of ginger or the sophisticated Spice Merchant's chai flavored cider. Noble Cider rolls out seasonal ciders as well, so you can serve a figgy-flavored nightcap in winter, add notes of honey to the palette in spring, enjoy a peachy summer experience and dress up Thanksgiving with a spicy cranberry orange concoction in fall. These ciders are made to delight year-round.