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All about MXD Cocktail CO

MXD Cocktail Co. is about as fun as it gets — and we’re talking about alcohol here, so that’s a big statement. MXD’s canned cocktails include favorites like Strawberry Daiquiri, Long Island Iced Tea, Mai Tai and Margarita, and all of these taste amazing as they are. But there’s more you need to know.

First off, did you know that all of their drinks are gluten-free? This wasn’t originally a goal for MXD, but instead was a by-product of the intense levels of filtration they subject their drinks to. The company is obsessed with quality, and part of that is manifested in its unique filtration methods. They realized at the end that this quality chasing had also landed them a gluten-free mix.

Secondly, check out their production process. They start with a proprietary bespoke yeast and use it to ferment high-grade malt grains. They then put the result through the aforementioned filtration process, which creates a neutral alcohol base. They finish it off by adding the natural flavors, sugars, and carbonated water that each cocktail desires to become the most delicious thing in a can. All of their cocktails are 12% ABV. All of them are delicious. You can’t go wrong, so just go for it.