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All about Mike's Hard

Few companies can compete with Mike’s Hard in terms of name recognition. Though they’re a Canadian company founded in 1996, they hit the U.S. market in 1999 and exploded into a household name in no time.

So how’d they do it?

Well, by defining an entire industry. Before Mike’s, the idea of a flavored malt beverage in a bottle was just not a thing. When they introduced it in 1999, they had just switched from a vodka base to a proprietary malt base, which quickly set them up as a unique entity among beverage makers. Today, you can find Mike’s in all sorts of packaging and configurations. They come in singles, multi-packs, six-packs and a variety of ABV levels.

And get this: they’re gluten-free! Talk about ticking off the boxes. Plus, Mike’s has expanded to offer Black Cherry, Watermelon, Strawberry and other flavors. Your only struggle will be to pick which one you love the most to order through Drizly. Good luck with that; we’re still indecisive about our favorite!