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All about Michelob

Michelob is one of the world’s best-known light beer brands. Their most iconic product, Michelob Ultra, was released in 2002, attracting an immediate following. This crisp lager is refreshing without the guilt; each bottle comes under three grams of carbohydrates and has less than 100 calories. The parent company, Anheuser-Busch, has experienced a decrease in Budweiser sales, its flagship beer.

However, Michelob has enjoyed a significant increase in recent years. It’s in part due to the smart marketing and partnerships, including world-class athletes like Peyton Manning and Serena Williams in coveted Super Bowl commercial spots. The brand strives to provide health-conscious drinkers with a beer option that doesn’t compromise on flavor; it’s low-carb and keto-friendly. Michelob sponsors races and even launched a branded sneaker and Spotify running playlist.

The Michelob line includes several other products beyond Ultra. Pure Gold is a USDA Certified Organic beer option clocking in at just 85 calories per bottle. Amber Max is a richer beer (still under 100 calories) and a low-gluten option. Ever trendy, Michelob launched a line of beers infused with exotic fruit as well as tasty organic hard seltzers. The latter is just 80 calories, has zero grams of sugar and comes in appealing flavors like peach pear, cucumber lime and spicy pineapple.