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All About Heavy Seas

Sail the Heavy Seas with an adventurous brew that earned the respect of beer lovers across the country. Heavy Seas brewery produces 18 unique beer styles for distribution in 17 states. Thanks to founder Hugh Sisson's impeccable attention to detail (and love for all things beer), Heavy Seas has become one of the most award-winning craft breweries on the East Coast.

The Heavy Seas' flagship line includes the Loose Cannon IPA, Tropi Cannon citrus IPA, Ameri Cannon double dry-hopped pale ale and Double Cannon double IPA. Other year-round offerings represent a range of beer styles from Imperial stout to Pilsner.

The company also brews limited releases that are as prized as any pirate's booty. Siren Noire chocolate stout utilizes 3 pounds of Belgian cocoa nibs per barrel and is aged for weeks with vanilla beans inside bourbon barrels. You can also enjoy fun brews like Blackbeard's Breakfast and the Greater Pumpkin.

No matter your preferred beer style, Heavy Seas has a history of quality and distinction that make it a favorite choice among East Coasters.