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All About Hangar 24 Brewing

Hangar 24 Brewing is named after the spot in Redlands, California, where founder Ben Cook and his buddies would meet after a day of flying to play music, tell stories and share some home brew. Cook's hobby took off while he was studying biology at nearby Cal State San Bernardino. His lab skills helped him perfect his touch as a brewer.

Now Cook operates a brewery in Redlands and a tasting room at Lake Havasu. Both locations are dedicated to exploration, customer service and quality execution.

Six beers make up Hangar 24's core products: Orange Wheat, Betty IPA, Aventura Mexican Style Lager, Blonde Ale, Iconic Double IPA and Chocolate Bomber. The company is constantly experimenting and continuously releases rotating IPAs like the Double Betty, which smacks you in the head with 100 IBUs and a 10.1 percent ABV. Its Limited Release brews are true experiments combining traditional styles and inventive combinations. These include the Orange Wedge Double IPA, Sierra Ground Coffee Milk Stout and Highway 111 Lime Gose.

They also create barrel-aged varieties worthy of a spot in your wine cellar, like the Pugachev's Cobra Imperial Stout or Chandelle brewed with apricots.