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All about Guinness

Guinness is Ireland. Perhaps no beer on earth has so succinctly summed up its native country or been so lovingly adopted by people in other countries. With its bitter hoppiness balanced by sweet malty tones, Guinness’ dark color and delicious foamy top are synonymous with the Irish dry stout. Notes of chocolate and coffee waft from its surface like sunbeams. A cozy, roasted scent makes you feel hugged despite the drizzly Irish winter outside your imaginary window.

The beer is also seriously old. It began in 1759 when 34-year-old Arthur Guinness opened the St. James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin. Having leased it for 9,000 years, it’s fairly clear he endeavored to create an enduring product. Just 10 years after opening, he was beginning to export his beer to England. He eventually switched to brewing just porter. His “West India Porter” still gets brewed to this day, billed as Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

If you want the true pride and joy of Irish beermaking, look no further than Guinness. It’s beer, dessert and after-dinner coffee all in one.