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All About Green Flash Brewing

Green Flash Brewing Company is considered a pioneer in the craft beer world, not because they were one of the first, but because of their mission of taste enlightenment. Each time you crack open a Green Flash beer, you're immersed in a flavorful mix of high-quality ingredients that make for a unique beer drinking experience.

Founded in 2002 in San Diego, Green Flash has an unwavering commitment to creating an array of craft beers. Owners Lisa and Mike Hinkley and brewmaster Erik Jensen constantly experiment with various hops, malts, fruits and yeast to deliver exciting new choices to the craft beer world. The socially responsible company has also donated over $300,000 to breast cancer research, proving that it's not just what they brew, it's what they do.

IPAs are the name of the game at Green Flash, yet none are quite like any other. From the more traditional IPA to the bitter yet fruity Soul Style Tangerine IPA, don't count out an IPA until you've had one of these. If the tangerine has your mouth watering but you're averse to the IPA, the Passion Fruit Kicker is a refreshing wheat beer with all the juicy, refreshing tastes of the tropical fruit. Topped off with limited releases, seasonals and the Cellar 3 barrel-aged beer series, Green Flash is a welcome burst of beer brilliance.